Eri Budiarto: Excavation of Petirtaan Temple in Liyangan Site Continued

Eri Budiarto: Excavation of Petirtaan Temple in Liyangan Site Continued
Petirtaan Temple, Liyangan Site

TEMANGGUNG - The Central Java Cultural Heritage Preservation Center (BPCB) continues the excavation of Petirtaan Temple at the Liyangan Site, Purbasari Village, Ngadirejo District, Temanggung Regency, Central Java.

The excavations in previous years were also carried out by the Central Java BPCB after it was concluded that the Liyangan Site was an area with a complex character, marked by the existence of settlements, religious ritual places and at the same time agricultural land.

Met on the sidelines of a break at the Liyangan Site, as the Head of the BPCB Central Java Excavation Working Group (Kapokja) Eri Budiarto explained, for 2020 the excavations were carried out for three months from August to October.

"In this year's program we focus on further work on the discovery and we will review it so that later it will carry out restoration, so that it looks like it used to be again, " he said when contacted Wednesday (7/10/2020).

Eri also added that the excavations carried out were aimed at finding the boundaries of page III and opening Petirtaan Temple (page IV).

"Then on page I and page II, the excavation aims to find traces of the structure before restoration of the talud and batur fence structures, " he concluded.

The excavation of the petirtaan area itself, was found in the courtyard of the building area IV, from the results of research that has been quite long around 2015, and in 2020 it will be continued with restoration by considering the safety and integrity of the temple more.

"It is hoped that we can immediately reveal the Liyangan Site Cultural Heritage area and peel back the petirtaan area site which is located on page IV so that it can be seen more clearly. However, all inventions must be more sustainable and durable, "he added.

Meanwhile, Head of the Temanggung Regency Culture and Tourism Service (Dinbudpar), Edy Cahyadi, strongly supports and appreciates the activities carried out by the BPCB Central Java Excavation team.

"Because the excavation will certainly add data to the potential for archeology in the Liyangan Cultural Heritage Site, " he said.

Edy Cahyadi also added that the Liyangan Site Cultural Heritage area includes the Regency Tourism Development Area (KPPK) and is automatically recorded in the Temanggung Regency Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPPARKAB) mandated by Law Number 10 of 2009.

"In addition, it is hoped that later there will be historical educational tour packages starting from the old town of Parakan, Pringapus Ngadirejo Temple and Liyangan Site Area which will attract tourists to visit Temanggung Regency, " hoped Edy. (***)